Whimsical Magic!


The very word brings visions of wonder and amazement... say the word out loud and you can't help but smile!

Our magic shows are versatile, playful and suited for ages 5 and older.

Each of our jaw dropping effects is presented with the help of a lovely assistant from the audience.

Things to know:

  • Shows can be a full hour, or if combining with other services, they can be tailored to your specific needs. Such as multiple 15 minute "line pleasers" to entertain a line of people as they are waiting to gain entrance to a venue, 30 minute mini shows for audiences who may prefer a shorter show due to age, other activities, etc, or a 45 minute experience that is considered the "Goldilock zone"
  • We do NOT use live animals. This is for the overall safety and well-being of not just the kids but the animals as well. 
  • Our shows are modest, are considered close up "walk around" type magic.


  • Q: Can you setup outside for a magic show?
  • A: Magic shows are best suited for indoors where the weather, birds/animals, wind or other distractions are not an issue.  This is for the BEST overall experience for the audience.

  • Q: Do you dress in clown attire for magic shows?
  • A: No. Our entertainers dress in jeans, black blouse/shirt and a steampunk top-hat.  We do have clown attire available for special requests.

  • Q: How much space do you need to setup?
  • A: If setting up for only a magic show, a 10 x10 ft space, preferably against a wall, is the best scenario. The space should be free of other distractions such as loud music, TV or people walking in and out. These distractions only hinder the fun and enjoyment of the show.

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